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By default, the prefix is ;, or you can use "nyx (command)"
You can always change this by using nyx prefix <prefix>

This command gives you useful resources and links about Nyx

This command measures the time between your message and Nyx's response

Gives you details about how long Nyx has been online since their last restart, and if other services Nyx relies on are online

Invite Nyx to your own server!

This command gives you the URL to Nyx's documentation (this website)

Invite link to Nyx's Server, useful for questions about Nyx

Shows you the statistics of Nyx, and a few useful links.

Server Settings

These commands typically rely on the ADMINISTRATOR role.

nyxprefix <prefix>
Use this command to set a custom prefix for your server

module <toggle/enable/disable> <moderation/utility/fun>
This command enables or disables specific modules for your server
This is typically used for when there are other bots in the server that already do what Nyx does

This command lets you set up welcome messages in your own server.
Use welcome help to see how to set it up.

logs [enable/disable] [moderation/channels/emojis/invites/messages]
This command lets you set up a(n advanced) logging system which you can log message editing, channel modifications, emoji creations, and more!

tag [create/delete] <tag>
Sets individual tags with messages tied to them.

autorole <create/delete> <role>
Add or remove autoroles when members join your server.


Commands can NOT be ran by members without the specific permission enabled on any of their roles.

ban <user> [time] <reasoning>
Ban a specified user, and send a log

unban <user>
Unban a specified user, and send a log

kick <user> <reasoning>
Kick a specified user, and send a log

mute <user> [time] <reasoning>
Mute a specified user, and send a log

unmute <user> <reasoning>
Unmute a specified user, and send a log

warn <user> <reasoning>
Warn a specific user with reasoning, and send a log

delwarn <user> <warning ID>
Delete a specific warn off of a member, and log it

clearwarns <user>
Clear all warnings off of a specific member, and log it.

warns [user]
Shows you the current warnings on a member


KEEP IN MIND THIS IS STRONGLY IN BETA; if a function doesn't work as intended, please refer to our Support Server

play <link/song name/playlist> {playlist name (if playlist)}
Play a song in your current channel!

Pause the current song in the queue.

Resume the current song in the queue.

Voteskip the current track! [bypassable with Manage Server permission]

volume <num greater than 0>
Set the volume in the music session. (for those who just LOVE distortion)

playlist <create/remove/add>
Set up a playlist, available for playback!

loop <song/queue>
Enable looping for either the song or the queue!

Check the queue for the channel, along with song progress and if loop is enabled!

Leave the channel, and end the queue!


If a command is not working, use uptime to see if that service is online.

shorten <URL> [vanity]
This command uses Nyx's API to create a shortened link of a long url.

poll <time> <#channel> <text>
Grabs the URL of a mentioned user's avatar.

This command lets you set up and send an embed in a specific channel, and is made easy by a step-by-step process.

This command checks if Nyx has the essential permissions set up

serverinfo (si)
Gives you the current information about a server, such as the server owner, the member count, server region, etc.

userinfo (ui) [@user]
Gives the current information about a specified user, such as the Username, Discrim, ID, etc. along with details specific to the server.

say <text>
This command lets you send a message as Nyx.

avatar <@user>
Grabs the URL of a mentioned user's avatar.


These commands are for the user's preferences

afk <text>
Sets your status as AFK, and returns the message you set when you're pinged.

profile (<@mention>, set, delete)
This command will let you set up a profile with Nyx, which can be used for a fursona, a persona, or generally a biography about yourself that other people can see.
This command influences how other commands behave, such as pronouns usage

remindme <time> <message>
Set a reminder for a desired amount of time with a message.
Make sure Nyx can DM you!


Requires no permissions

8ball <q>
Shake the magic 8ball and find an answer to a question
but on one condition, you really don't.

kill <@user>
Are you, by chance, sick of someone? t h e n k i l l e m .

pat <@user>
Pat someone on the head!

hug <@user>
Give someone a hug, they might need it

boop <@user>
Boop someone on the nose,,!!

fight <@user>
Fight someone to the death!

cuddle <@user>
Cuddle up with someone, make them feel better,,!

kiss <@user>
Give someone a kiss!

Wholesome time,,,send a picture of a fox!

Wholesome time,,,send a picture of a dog!

Wholesome time,,,send a picture of a cat!

howgayis <@user>
Get a rating on how gay someone is...a very trustworthy rating...yes...

clapspeak <msg>

owoify <text>
OwO-ify your text
be cawefuw though, it's vewy bad

urban <text>
Search a term on the best dictionary on the planet


Nyx's economy is currently in beta. Report issues to the support server
XP and coins raise by using Fun commands.

balance [@user]
Shows you your current balance & levels, or someone else's

Award daily credits to yourself.

bank <withdraw/deposit> <Amount>
Shows you your current balance & levels, or someone else's

store [ID]
Gives you a list of the current items in the shop. Using "shop 3" will show you the details of the 3rd item on the list.

This command will purchase the item last shown to you.
For example, if you were looking at the 3rd item in the shop, and you use this command, it would buy the 3rd item in the shop.

item <ID/Item Name>
Using "item" will show you the details of an item by either its ID or name.

use <ID/Item Name>
Using this command will apply/use a certain item on you.