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By default, the prefix is ;, or you can use "nyx (command)"
You can always change this by using nyx prefix <prefix>

This command measures the time between your message and Nyx's response, along with latency to Discord's API

help [module/command]
Give you useful resources for usage with nyx, along with module/command details if provided.

Give you useful links regarding Nyx, such as commands list, Nyx's server, invite link, and Patreon!

Shows you the statistics of Nyx, and a few useful links.


All the fun commands!
Some commands require the "Embed Links" permission

8ball <q>
Shake the magic 8ball and find an answer to a question
but on one condition, you really don't.

howgayis <@user>
Get a rating on how gay someone is...a very trustworthy rating...yes...

clapspeak <msg>

owoify <text>
OwO-ify your text
be cawefuw though, it's vewy bad

urban <text>
Search a term on the best dictionary on the planet

play a bruh sound effect in your voice channel

play a vine boom sound effect in your voice channel

kill <@user>
Are you, by chance, sick of someone? t h e n k i l l e m .

kiss <@user>
Give someone a kiss!

hug <@user>
Give someone a hug, they might need it

cuddle <@user>
Cuddle up with someone, make them feel better,,!

boop <@user>
Boop someone on the nose,,!!

pat <@user>
Pat someone on the head!

play an oof sound effect in your voice channel

Wholesome time,,,send a picture of a cat!

Wholesome time,,,send a picture of a fox!

Wholesome time,,,send a picture of a dog!

Turn a specified image, or your profile picture, into a Nyx-like avatar!


This module is disabled by default. You can enable it using "nyx module enable logging"

logs [enable/disable <name/all>]
Show the current logging settings, or change logging settings!

logchannel <#channel>
Set the server logs channel! [Nyx requires the create webhook permission for that channel.]


Commands can NOT be ran by members if Nyx does not identify them as a Server Moderator or Server Administrator.

purge <number>
Purge up to 1,000 messages in a channel!

warn <user> [reason]
Warn a user who did a bad, bad thing. [logs with "moderation" logging enabled]

kick <user> [reason]
Kick a user who did an even worse thing. [logs with "moderation" logging enabled]

mute <user> [time] [reason]
Mute a user who just won't stop breaking rules. [logs with "moderation" logging enabled]

ban <user> [time] [reason]
Ban a user who did something so bad, muting and kicking them was just not enough. [logs with "moderation" logging enabled]

unmute <user> [reason]
Unmute a user that was muted using Nyx. [WON'T WORK IF NYX DID NOT MUTE THIS PERSON] [logs with "moderation" logging enabled]

unban <user> [reason]
Unban a user [logs with "moderation" logging enabled]

warns <user> [page]
Show a list of warnings on a user.

clearwarns <user> [reason]
Clear the warnings off of a user. [logs with "moderation" logging enabled]

delwarn <user> [reason]
Remove a specific warning off of a user. [logs with "moderation" logging enabled]

modlogs <user> [page]
Show a list of moderation logs performed on a user, such as ban, unban, warn, etc.


KEEP IN MIND THIS IS STRONGLY IN BETA; if a function doesn't work as intended, please refer to our Support Server, and report the issue there.

play <link/song name/playlist url>
Play a song in your voice channel! (Supports SoundCloud, YouTube, and uploaded audio files!)

Show the current song that is playing, along with the duration!

Pause the currently playing song!

Resume the current song in the queue.

Voteskip the current track! [bypassable with Manage Server permission]

volume <num greater than 0>
Set the volume in the music session. (for those who just LOVE distortion)

loop <song/queue>
Enable looping for either the song or the queue!

queue [page]
Show the current queue!

Skip to a song in the queue!

Shuffle the queue!

Replay the current song!

remove <song position>
Remove a specific song from the queue!

lyrics <song>
Find the lyrics of a certain song, or the currently playing song!

Remove songs from people who have left the voice channel

Leave the channel, and clear the queue!

scsearch <query>
Search SoundCloud for a song!

ytsearch <query>
Search YouTube for a song!


This module is disabled by default. You can enable it using "nyx module enable autorole"

autorole [add/remove <@role>]
Add or remove roles to be added in the autorole!


These are the server/user settings! (server settings mostly will require the Server Administrator permission)

View/change the settings for the server!

Enable a specific disabled command for your server!

Disable a specific command for your server!

modules [enable/disable/toggle <module>]
Check module settings, or change them!

modrole <add/rm> <@role>
Add/remove a Server Moderator role!

adminrole <add/rm> <@role>
Add/remove a Server Administrator role!

muterole <@role/clear>
Set a Mute role, or remove the current one!

prefix <new prefix>
Set the server's prefix for Nyx to understand!

pronouns <(she/her)/(they/them)/(he/him)/any>
Set your own pronouns for the bot's usage! (typically used in Fun commands)

afk <message>
Going AFK for a bit? Let Nyx know, and they will tell whoever pings you that you're away!

name <nickname>
Set your own nickname for the bot to use!

remindme <time until reminder> <message>
Set a reminder for yourself in the future!

loopremind <time until reminder> <message>
Set a reminder for yourself in the specified time, and then every 24 hours!

Show your currently active reminders!

delreminder <reminder position>
Delete a specific reminder on your list!


If a command is not working, use uptime to see if that service is online.

short <URL> [vanity]
This command uses Nyx's API to create a shortened link of a long url.

serverinfo (si)
Gives you the current information about a server, such as the server owner, the member count, server region, etc.

userinfo (ui) [@user]
Gives the current information about a specified user, such as the Username, Discrim, ID, etc. along with details specific to the server.

say <text>
This command lets you send a message as Nyx.

avatar <@user>
Grabs the URL of a mentioned user's avatar.